• Gracie Dartmouth

Look Into My Eyes

When I first made Gracie I played around with making system eyes. I had a very fantasy style at the time, very faeries and elves, for sure and I had trouble finding the kind of eyes I wanted to have, so I futzed around and made some. Then I found eye designers that I loved and never looked back.

Now that BOM (Bakes on Mesh- Here's a great explanation!) is a thing, though, I thought I'd get back into it. I'd forgotten how much I love making them. :)

So, by the end of the weekend, I'll have this first set in the shop inworld. There will be 6 to start with (I may add more later!). Only BOM at first- I'll probably make HDPro appliers and maybe Genus because those are the heads I wear. :)

There are so many great eye designers out there that I feel completely inspired to make my own styles and colors, so I will be sliding right into my fantasy/whimsical leanings for this endeavor and I'm so excited to add these to the Ar.Tag collection of stuff. :D

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