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Marketplace Fashion on a Budget!

For this post, I'm turning it over to my alter ego (Yes, my alter ego has an alter ego, don't judge. :p ), because Ash is my bargain hunting toon. (Fun fact-she was also my first SL avatar-Gracie is my second. :) )

Anyway, I know it's hard for folks on a budget to find good quality fashion, so I wanted to do this periodic segment where I show off cute finds from the Marketplace. :)

The only assumptions I make are that you, lovely reader, have a mesh body and head. (And Ash's head- Genus Strong Face Gift001- is literally free. :) )

This is just a casual, cute little outfit. The hoodie made me laugh, because I may have a hair problem. :p It comes with a HUD with some different sayings and stuff. (As a bit of a content warning, a couple of them are pretty offensive.)

The jeans are just a basic pair of capris (Also with a HUD and a pretty nice variety including some patterns!) and the shoes are super cute! (They, too, have a HUD with some cute variety)

The big thing about bargain hunting in SL is that it's pretty easy to buy things to mix and match. With these three pieces, you can have quite a few different looks!

Style Card:

Cropped Hoodie - Snarky -- 1 Linden

Weekender Jeans Fatpack -- 1 Linden

Gift- Any Sneakers Collection -- 1 Linden

So, for three Linden, you've got an adorable outfit that you can tweak to match your mood. :)

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